Workflow - Retrieving Direct Reports from Non-Employee Source of a Manager (Leaver)

Hi All,

For employees, the manager attribute is synced from authoritative source e.g Workday to SailPoint and these changes are auto managed once the required changes are done in the authoritative source, but for 3rd party users (Non-Employee/flat file source) we have to manually update the manager attribute when the 3rd party user’s manager leaves the business.

I want to create a workflow to finds direct reports of the manager (leaver) when their lifecycle state is changed to inactive and then sends us an email including the direct reports names. As shown in the attached screenshot, if I use ‘Get List of Identities’ action and then ‘Find Identities By Managers’, it returns every details about their direct reports.

I am wondering how to restrict this output to only returns their display names and then email it to the intended user/manager to provide us with their new manager name?

Any help would be appreciated.


I managed to create a workflow for this by calling the search API in HTTP Request action. It works perfectly fine :+1:.

{“indices”:[“identities”],“query”:{“query”:“({{$}}) AND ( OR”},“queryResultFilter”:{“includes”:[“displayName”]}}