Manager Correlation requiring a modify event

We have a manager that doesn’t show direct reports in IDN. The manager ID value for the correlation is there on the employees account, but the correlation didn’t happen for this one manager. My assumption is that this will work if HR can change them to a different manager, aggregate, and then change them back and aggregate.

My question is, shouldn’t manager correlation also kick off when you attempt to process an identity manually?

It seems that manager correlation happens when there is a change to the attribute value on the source. Any other way to re-evaluate it manually for given users?

Hi Fred,
Did you try to refresh the user using the API ?

“filter” : “name.startsWith("")”,
“refreshArgs” : {
“correlateEntitlements” : “true”,
“promoteAttributes” : “true”,
“refreshManagerStatus” : “true”,
“provision” : “true”

Thanks Rakesh!

Have you ran this api recently? I’m getting a 403.

I created a new post: 403 when using the cc/api/system/refreshidentities api with Python - IdentityNow (IDN) / IDN Discussion and Questions - SailPoint Developer Community Forum

This looks to be what I need, just wondering if my python, using my PAT is wrong, or if the API is depricated?

I have ran into 403 errors in the past and not sure what I’m doing wrong when I’m an org admin.

Hi Fred,
In the URL please use the api url and try. It is working fine for me.

Rakesh Bhati

We had assumed that manager correlation would only happen on a modify event from the source.

However, what we found was that a manager identity had some issue. We deleted the identity and re-aggregated it. After the aggregation we found that the direct reports would then get fixed after running “process identity” within the UI. This would handle the manager correlation as well, re-evaluate the manager.

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