Workflow - Disable SailPoint source identity

Hello All -

New to workflows and IDN in general. Has anyone used workflow to disable the SailPoint source identity when the lifecycle state is inactive? On the Manage Accounts action, I am not clear what to enter in the select accounts variable as I only want the workflow to disable the SailPoint source identity.

Any pointers is greatly appreciated.

Is no one using workflows to disable the SailPoint source accounts?

This use case should be achievable via the provisioning settings of an identity profile’s lifecycle state, however, it can’t be done today because the SailPoint source is not available. I believe this is because making changes to the SailPoint account is meant to be managed by SailPoint, as it can have some unintended side-effects if not managed properly.

In short, you can’t achieve this use case with Workflows using our public APIs, but ideally you shouldn’t need a workflow to manage it. This should be done in the lifecycle state management of an identity profile. I suggest opening an idea for this so our product team knows that users are asking for it.

We are using webservice source to achieve this. More of loopback connector.