Workflow Action - changing Identity custom attribute Action

Hi there,
We are quite interested to find a simple direct way to set/update an identity custom attribute value that should be based on the specific approved role request against the identity.

Current Workflow available Actions documentation has a reference that a change of an identity attribute Action was available before but is deprecated.
"Get Identity Attributes

Gets a list of the custom identity attributes in your site and details about the last identity to update any of them.

This action is being deprecated."

Do we have a Workflow action to set/change/delete a value of an Identity custom attribute?

Business requirement is very simple - we have thousands of users at some target directory.
A manager should be able to move or set the user home directory at the remote system via Role request on behind of a user.
User’s ‘Home directory’ is an identity attribute value that is syncing to the remote source using IdentityNow connector settings
A Workflow should be able to help with that, as a specific Role change event trigger monitoring and doing then some Workflow Action against an Identity, does it?

Hi Dmitry,

I haven’t had much luck posting this question in our internal chat, so I’ll take a stab at this.

Identity attributes are calculated from a source during account aggregations and identity refreshes. To the best of my knowledge, there is no API that can directly change identity attributes. This is by design, as any direct change to an identity attribute would just be reverted during the next aggregation. The Workflow action that you reference, “Get Identity Attributes”, is only meant to read attributes, not update them.

What connector are you using, and what is the source application? I ask because I think the best way to solve this is via a connector rule that will calculate the user’s home directory based on the role that is granted, rather than trying to sync the home directory via an identity attribute.