Weird day count: Email Template: Password Expiration


I’m having a problem receiving day information from this template, it’s doing a strange count of days, as mentioned in the printout.

Hi @kaiolima,

How is the AD password last changed attribute looking like in ISC for the user.?

${dayToExpire} field usually refer to this particular value from AD.

Take a look into the below documentations.

I already configured the password policy, but the problem is that it is calculating this number differently.


hey @kaiolima , This means that the user hasn’t changed its password for almost a Year.

the value is being calculated on the Password LAst Set from the AD Account.

If you check it it will show the users last Change. And thats probably it.

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Hi @kaiolima,

Did the issue started occurring over the weekend.? Has this been working well before.?

There is an ongoing incident and not sure if this is related to the same, though there is no mention about the password policy/email in it.

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It was about 5 days ago when a template update was requested, before it worked fine and was like this:

Hi ${},

Your password for ${acctName} has expired. Your ${acctName} password expires in ${dayToExpire} days.Your ${acctName} password expires in ${dayToExpire} days.

Click here to change/reset your password.

If it doesn’t work, copy and paste the link into your browser: ${resetUrl}

The following applications use ${acctName} password for SSO:

The following application uses ${acctName} password for SSO:



The ${PRODUCT_NAME} team