WebServices Creation Operation

Hi All,

I am configuring Create operation for WebServices connector. This application has native identity set to userId. The issue is userId is generated by application itself. So, after account creation, the account is displayed as “???” in IDN and gets corrected after aggregation. I also tried to setup multiple end points for Create operation. When I setup parent endpoint, the second one does not execute. I guess that is because there is no response coming from first endpoint. If I make them independent, the second end point can’t find the user. I am guessing that is because they are executed in parallel and account is not created yet. Can someone please confirm if this is how WebServices connector works with parent endpoint and indenpendent endpoints?

The only other option I can think of is to set up after operation rule to call an end point to get the account and put userId in response map.

Is there any better option?


Hey Gaurav,

Assuming application generated userId is being returned in create account operation response. In create account operation response mapping, populate userId in account schema or whatever attribute that you define for Account ID.

Create a get object (single account aggregation) operation and pass $plan.nativeIdentity$ in request should do the trick. e.g. GET /users/$plan.nativeIdentity$ Web services connector will call get object operation if one is being defined after create account operation, automatically.


Thanks Kenny!! That is the main problem, The create account operation response does not return userId.


Create operation chaining does not need mention of parent end point. The sequence in UI is something gets executed in api calls.

If create is not getting generated id then try to get it in second create operation in response.

If this is not working then afteroperation rule is the only option here.

“When I setup parent endpoint, the second one does not execute. I guess that is because there is no response coming from first endpoint.” ----> Second end point would get executed irrespective of response coming in or not

I have similar issue with my web service source. In my scenario, the user id is generated in the target system. I have tried multiple routes to create the user but every time I get same error Exception occurred while performing ‘Create’ operation on identity ‘null’: Url: {response url} , Message: 400 : Bad Request, HTTP Error Code: 400.
I have tried the following:

  1. Used create operation and add entitlement operation separately, in this case account is created via POST call on target but add entitlement fails and the account also does not show up in IdentityNow till the time I run aggregation. Once aggregation is successful, if I request for the role, entitlement is passed.
  2. Created 2 create operations, 1st operation calls the POST to create the account, then I am using the response mapping and using the id value in next create operation which is a PATCH call to add the entitlement. I have also checked “Create Account With “Ent” Request” in additional setting. I have also tried it without selecting the additional setting but the outcome is still the same as mentioned above. In this scenario too, I cannot see account on IdentityNow without running aggregation. Once aggregation is successful, then rest of operation works well.

The account does not show up in IdentityNow till the time I run aggregation. I believe because of this I am getting error. Could you please help what can I do to rectify the error.

As I can understand, after provisioning you do not see the account in IDN and get this error as well. But after aggregation, do you see the entitlement provisioned correctly? If not, probably you are getting this error due to some issue with entitlement provisioning and hence the error.