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Hello Everyone,

We have a webs service connector implemented for app integration. In our connector we have two different API endpoints for two different operation ( “Create account” and “Add entitlement”). In create account API response we are not receiving an “ID” attribute and it is only updated after account aggregation ( different API and operation is setup for aggregation). We need this “ID” attribute to make a call for “Add entitlement” operation API. As SailPoint would trigger add entitlement request immediatly after create account, add entitlement is failing as there is no value for “ID” attribute. How we can execute account aggregation right after create account operation and before add entitlement is triggered.

Any inputs on this please let me know, Thanks in advance.

Hi Jagdish!

Have you tried creating another Account Aggregation operation and specifying the Parent Endpoint to be your Create Account operation? This should cause the aggregation to trigger after your Create Account operation runs and before your Add Entitlement operation. I don’t have something in my environment setup to test this out myself, but it seems like it should get you the results your are looking for.

Please let me know if this works!

Thank you,

  • Zach

Hi Zach,
Thank you for the reply. The issue what we are facing is that once the aggregation will be done how can we fetch the dynamic id for the user and call the Add Entitlement ?

Hey Rakesh,

As I understood it from the initial post, you are receiving the ID from calling the account aggregation and you need that to run after the create account call is made. Defining a second, but the same, account aggregation with the parent endpoint set to create account should allow the account aggregation to be run after account create is triggered, and then the add entitlement operation should be called after that (if one is going to be called). So that account aggregation that runs after the account create should be able to get the ID of the account to be used in the add entitlement operation.

Thank you,

  • Zach

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