Webservice Connector Calling Update Operation from Another Target Application After Provisioning Rule

Hi All, We have the following requirement : We have a field/attribute called applications on Webservice Connector Application. Whenever an LDAP Group got provisioned to the identity, we need to update the application attribute of the web service connector application. We have written a LDAP Connector After provisioning Rule for creating a provisioning plan . Though we are setting modify operation in the plan, somehow IIQ is triggering Create Operation. Any help on this is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Are you running account aggregations for the web service application?

Unfortunately, we are not running account aggregation . Target System wont support Account Aggregation (Search Operations) and IIQ is Source of Truth…

When using a ProvisioningPlan, you make use of the provisioning engine. The provisioning engine takes what is requested in the plan and what it knows about the target application, it’s accounts and entitlements and formulates a final plan for execution.
If you are not running account aggregations for the web service application, the provisioning engine won’t know that the application account already exists. The provisioning plan says modify, but the provisioning engine picks up, based on aggregated application account data, that there is no known account for the target account, it will change the plan to a create account operation.

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