Utilizing a specific server host for provisioning

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Our SailPoint IIQ instance currently utilizes a multi-host environment. Currently, a large amount of access requests provisioning at the same time is causing conflicting concurrent processes. We’d like to utilize a specific host to specifically handle these request and were wondering if anyone had implemented anything similar.
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We can define the specific host for Aggregation tasks, but for Provisioning I don’t think so. IIQ takes Task servers automatically by picking a server which is least busy. Let’s see what other experts say on this.

Hi Rahul.

It depends a bit on the Provisioning Workflow configuration for the Access request. An Access Request (workflow) can run in the foreground or background.

If the full request it running in the foreground, the workflow (including the provisioning) will run on the same (UI-) server as the users is connected (load-balanced) to. So also the provisioning is running from that server.

If the request (or part of it) is backgrounded (aka Workflow-case saved to the database) the remaining steps (after the backgrounding) can be picked up by any server. All provisioning actions before the backgrounding is on the same (UI-) server as the users is connected (load-balanced) to. Any provisioning in remainder steps (after the backgrounding) will be performed from the server which picked up the workflow.

For the workflows running only in the foreground it is the load-balancer (or DNS Round Robin) which defines where the provisioning is running. (or you can point the users to 1 server using the server-url directly, however this is not advisable as in big environment you want to have load-balancing).

For the backgrounded workflow you can define which server(s) will pick up the workflow using either the ServiceDefinition Task or ServiceDefinition Request (I am not 100% sure which of these both). Using debug, you can specify the host(s) to use for the service.

So first find out if the Access request workflow is running in the fore- or background and than pick the solution.

BTW The simplest solution is to test (in an acceptance environment) with only 1 server up and running (if you have a proper acceptance environment)

– Remold

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