Upgrading from SailPoint IIQ 8.2 to SailPoint IIQ 8.3

Is it possible upgrading from SailPoint IIQ 8.2 to SailPoint IIQ 8.3? We would like to do this without removing any users or settings currently found in SailPoint IIQ 8.2. How would we create the war file to have this done. I have attached what we have currently in place right now.
SailPointIIQ 8.3 Needed Platforms Check.xlsx (10.2 KB)

HI @derrickthomasvdot,

Yes You can Upgrade from 8.2 to 8.3, however you need to go through https://community.sailpoint.com/t5/Working-With-Services-Knowledge/Upgrade-Best-Practices/ta-p/75139

and follow Upgrade Best Practice. you can also check Upgrade path through below link:


Also if you are using SSB/SSD for build war file then you can use version then you can follow below link to check list of depreciated methods used in new version:



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Thank you Dheeraj.

Can this be done without disrupting the settings, forms and workflow that are currently in 8.2?

Hi @derrickthomasvdot

If you have changed any OTB forms or workflows that will be affected. Make sure to have all the custom artifacts stored in version control system. Go through the URLs @dheerajk27 shared and you will get a fair idea. Also check the readme file available with the SailPoint 8.3 version to get better understanding on the changes.

Thank you all!

Jarin, when you state a version control system. We have a git hub repository where everything is stored. is that what you are speaking about?

Yes, GitHub Repo was I referring to

I would suggest you to review the upgrade documentation, pinpoint the modifications in version 8.3, and assess their impact on the functionality you’ve developed. Utilize tools such as the deprecation checker to detect any alterations in APIs or methods and determine the necessary actions. Conduct a comprehensive evaluation, comparsion and execute the upgrade in a development or sandbox environment initially.

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