Unexpected split transform behavior

I’m working with the split transform and believe I found either a bug or a case of documentation not aligning with expected behavior.

If you read this page it states that “If no throws value is provided, the transform default to false and returns a null.” However, in practice, IdentityNow does the exact opposite. I did not define “throws” either way and an out of bounds exception was returned instead.

Hello @WyssAJ01,

I took a look at this and tested out the split transform.

I believe this is documentation not aligning with the expected behavior. It should state that “If no throws value is provided, the transform defaults to true and returns an IndexOutOfBoundsException”

It makes sense to me that you would have to explicitly state that you want the transform to ignore (and return null) when the index value you chose is out of the returned array bounds.

I will get this documentation updated!

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Great thank you Tyler! I appreciate the response. I agree you that ignoring an error should be opt in.