Source Test Connection - What VA is being used?

When running a test connection, is there a way to know which VA is being used without directly looking at logs on the VA? The use case is when one VA is having an issue we sometimes see intermittent timeouts, but when I try again later it succeeds.

I have tried both

And the endpoint the UI uses:


Hi @ethompson,

Each of the VAs in a cluster is equal and each will just poll the queue for work. There is no way to determine which VA is going to handle a certain request upfront.

The timeouts may occur, in my experience, when a VA needs to update its configurations or related objects. E.g. a new JDBC jar file has been uploaded. This gets picked up and the CCG needs to restart. In such cases, it may take a little longer for the VA to pick up requests and process them.

  • Menno