Seeking API Insights and External Monitoring Tools for SailPoint IdentityNow

Hello everyone,

I’m a SailPoint partner working on integrating IdentityNow for a client. I’ve been exploring the developer site for API information focused on monitoring performance, data integrity, and availability, but the details seem broad. Can anyone provide specific guidance on which APIs are best for these aspects? Additionally, I’m considering external tools like Centreon for enhanced monitoring. Does anyone have insights or experiences in integrating such tools with IdentityNow, particularly regarding compatible APIs?

Any detailed advice or experiences shared would be immensely valuable.

Cheers !


Hi Simon,
Welcome to Sailpoint community. Regarding your question related to monitoring performance, data integrity, and availability that is taken care by the Sailpoint team itself. We have interated with Splunk for monitoring of Events and Logs and it has been quite helpful.


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