Search or API to get list of running aggregations?

Is there any way to get a list of any running aggregations? Either via search or API?

I am trying to delete an identity profile, and ISC says there is an aggregation running, but I can’t find it.


Hi @jrossicare,

You should be able to see all the aggregations under Admin >> Dashboard >> System activity.
If you want to do the same via Search or API, try this link -

@colin_mckibben has provided the replacement APIs.

Hope this helps!

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Hey @jrossicare,

It may not be an aggregation that is preventing the Profile deletion. Do you see any events running in the Dashboard–>Monitoring section (Active Queues/Jobs)?

If so, try the deletion when no processes are running there.

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Could you please mark it as solution if it worked for you. thanks!

Try the following if you cannot find it from the dashboard interface, normally these pending stuck tasks won’t show up in UI: Dashboard → OverView → System Activity

We got the following answer via a service request.


This will return an XML list of Pending tasks whose completion is Null yet, and there is a launched Timestamp also which you can check some tasks can be very recent suggesting they are launched just now, some can be old, Like in this case the one I asked you to close was 2 days old and seems to be stuck since aggregations for this source usually complete in 4 hours.