Scheduled Search trigger in workflow

Hi experts - I am looking to use a saved search in IDN to use in our workflow and then use it to invoke an http request to another system to update the profile. I read the doco Triggers - SailPoint Identity Services - but the example is not very clear. hence not very sure on how to refer the json path for my search/scheduled queries in it, for eg if I have a simple query who is retuning users based on email like"[email protected]" - I have saved this query as “email search” - then how to refer it in the “scheduled search” trigger.
Any pointers towards it will be really appreciated.

Not sure if you have already done this but you need to create a subscription of the saved search and enter scheduling details -

Then you should be able to use it in workflow

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Thanks @aditya_pathak for the reply - I have done it already, what I am not getting is putting the same subscription as a JSON expression in the “Scheduled Search” trigger -

The doco gives an example which does not gives much info though - Triggers - SailPoint Identity Services

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