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When creating a Scheduled Search Workflow I have a saved queries that can be combined with operators to pull different sets of data - there are about 26 attributes listed in the returned query and some days the query can return over 200 identities. I have been testing but I am not seeing a report created after the workflow executes successfully.

Does this workflow create an actual report that can be shared?

What’s the limit of identities returned?

Hi Marvin,

Please checkout Workflows: Getting Started and Advanced

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Using the scheduled search trigger in workflow provides you the search results of your query in JSON format.

No, but you can use that JSON result data to send out an email or take further action on the result set from your Workflow.

The search results will include all identities that meet the query criteria.

Hi Sharvari,

Thanks for chiming in my friend. Awesome! This is the answer I needed. Is there a hard limit on the amount of data returned? Sometimes our queries return over 200+ identities.

As far as I am aware there is no hard limit on the data returned.

@colin_mckibben Can you please confirm?

Search queries will return up to 10,000 records in a single API call. To get records past the 10,000 limit you have to use pagination, as documented here. Standard Collection Parameters | SailPoint Developer Community

FYI, Workflows has data limits and looping limits that will make it difficult to work with thousands of records. Loops are limited to 100 iterations, so you should try your best to limit the amount of data you are fetching in a search query.

Ahh okay this makes sense. Thanks Colin - Thanks Sharvari - this is helpful information.

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Will the workflow fail if there are more than 100 items entered into the loop or will only the first 100 process?

Hi @colin_mckibben,

This is nice refresher last article i saw from you had limitation on loop till 50 iterations now looks like its increased to 100.

its good to hear that it has already improved.

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I just confirmed with the Workflow team that the workflow will fail an execution if that execution has more than 100 items in the loop input. The docs are going to be updated to reflect this.


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