SAPHR link error

Hello team,

We are having an issue with the SAPHR connector.

When we go to “manage identity” → “edit identity” click on “accounts” after that, click in another tab, and come back to “accounts” we are losing the SAPHR link of the identity, showing us the next error:

 - Exiting getEmpObjFromPersonId: Arguments => USERNAME, sailpoint.object.Schema@3f21141e[id=2c9281d8663e930c01663e96c156002a,name=<null>], Returns => N/A
 - Id : USERNAME not found in getObject
 - Throwing getObjectBasedOnNativeIdentity - sailpoint.connector.ObjectNotFoundException: USERNAME
 - Throwing getObject - sailpoint.connector.ObjectNotFoundException: Id : "USERNAME" not found. Either native identity is not present or filter criteria does not match.

Does anyone know what could be the error or what is happening with the link?
What could we add to the log4j2 to see more details about it?

Please, any help will be thankful.

We are in IIQ 8.1p4. could be a patch version error?