SAP HCM as Authoritative Source with roles

Hi all,

We have SAP HCM as the authoritative Source. However, we have additional requirements to provision a role to SAP HCM. Is this possible to IDN? to provision a role to an authoritative source? Anyone who have similar experience?

Appreciate any input on this. Thank you!

Hi Rainiel,

When you say provision a role to SAP HCM what does that exactly means? Do you want HCM roles requestable for users in IDN? Or you want a role to be created via IDN in HCM?

Hi @Rpalos

You can provision to authoritative source, you need to look into the connector

It does support Provisioning with help of a Rule

Check it out.


Hi Deepanshu,

Thanks for the reply. Our requirements is IDN will also be the one to provision the roles to HCM.

Hi @Rpalos,

Provisioning the role as in creating the role in HCM or Assigning the role/entitlement to an Existing Identity?

If you are looking to create a Role in HCM then it is not possible as it not a supported feature but if you want to assign the role to an account then you can make use of SAP Provisioning Connector Rule as @MVKR7T mentioned.

Hi Animesh,

To clarify, what I want to do is to assign a role to an existing account. And you guys are right, this is feasible through the SAP connector rule.

Thank you so much for the help. :slight_smile:

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