SAP direct connector Data mismatch

We are using SAP Direct OOB connector for few of the applications to be integrated, we have followed the connector document and we have given the necessary permission on the target system and also performed the prerequisites mentioned in the document. Test connection is working fine, even account aggregation is working, but not all the required data are coming in.

Hi Priyanka!

It sounds like you have the connector setup well since aggregations are working. Can you please clarify what data you are missing?

Are you missing expected attributes on your accounts? If so, did you look to add the additional attributes mentioned in the documentation?

Are you missing accounts in general, or missing entitlements? What are your expected counts from the source system and what are your actual counts in IDN from your aggregation results?

Thank you,

  • Zach

Hi Zach,

what we observed is for each account there are around 5-6 entitlements present at source but in IDNow we saw the number of entitlements on account are less(1 or 2).We are trying to understand from which tables the connector fetches the data. In our environment there is one umbrella of SAP system under which there are multiple tables present.But even if we consider the single table as well the data is not coming as expected.


Hey Priyanka,

It sounds like you may be using Central User Administration (CUA) in your SAP system, if that is the case, have you tried enabling the CUA setting in the connector configuration?

Thank you,

  • Zach

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