OOTB - SAP Concur Connector - "Unspecified Connector Failure"

I have configured the OOTB SAP Concur Connector for an IdentityNow tenant. We are able to connect to the target system, run account and entitlement aggregation and bring in the data. I have made few entitlements as requestable and tried to submit an access request for one of the user who doesnt have SAP Concur account.
After submitting the access request I get “unspecified connector failure” in the access request but can see the SAP Concur account provisioned in the target for the user but without entitlements

Can anyone let me know what could be the issue?

I suggest enabling connector tracing and reviewing the provisioning plan to identify any potential issues. It is possible that your plan is lacking certain attributes or contains errors that need to be addressed. By examining the connector tracing and scrutinizing the provisioning plan, you can determine if any adjustments are required.

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