SailPoint Connections

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.3

Share all details related to your problem, including any error messages you may have received.

We have been trying to troubleshoot issues in our lower environments. We try to run aggregations; however, they get hung and stall. We then have to restart Tomcat in order to stop the process completely. I looked up the connections in the database and they are too high for very minimal things running. I went to the database to check what the connections say and most of them have "set implicit_transactions on " and stay open. We have tried removing the applications and re-creating. I will say that our lower environment are set up with a single server and multiple databases. Each developer has their own database within the same server. The tasks were working fine, but they started hanging up so we had to completely remove them.

Seems more an performance issue to me. Can you share more details about one of the single servers/db/instance of IIQ? What are the Tomcat/JVM settings? Do you get any OOM error in the tomcat logs?

Please, first of all check if your envioroment and infraesture meets the requirements of database version, Tomcat version, JVM configuration, JDK , operation system etc…

Plese, refer following link to check IdentityIQ Supported Platforms: IdentityIQ Supported Platforms Matrix - Compass (

From other side, plese check your aggregation task definition options, and check if you are using partiotioning mode.

Also, please check your database setting in file to check that following values are set with recomended values:


IIQ Properties Settings - Compass (

Finally, plese provide any log to check the error that you are facing.

There’s no simple answer to this kind of problems - there might be a lot of reasons why it’s happening,
I would start like colleagues before me mentioned with sharing this config but additionaly I’d like to see your config of the aggregation task, server object xmls and would be great if you could trace some logs that you have once the problem occurs.

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