Restrict IDN access within Network

Hello Sailors,

How can we make IDN accessible within organization network only ?

I see documentation here

Has anyone implemented this already, what are the challenges faced ?


From my understanding, the document you linked is the correct process for restricting access to IDN. I’m not aware of any other way to do this.

I recommend trying this out in sandbox first. Also, you must apply these restrictions to each identity profile. I recommend slowly rolling out your restrictions by applying them to one identity profile at a time, starting with your least important profiles first. This will allow you to catch issues early on and quickly revert if necessary.

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Oh, and be careful applying this to identity profiles that contain your IDN admins. If they are all located in one identity profile and you apply a restriction that locks all of them out, then you’ll have to open a support ticket to get back in. It might be good to ensure you have a backup plan, like a small flat file source with a single admin you can use to get back into IDN in case your real admins are locked out. Once you are sure the network settings are correct and tested with your admins, you can delete this temporary admin source.

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Yes Colin, We actually have requirement to restrict only for admins so that, admins should access IDN console within org network.

That is very good POC to do before restricting actual users.

As we have enabled SSO for IDN, we are looking at options from Azure AD as well to implement Identity Protection - Conditional Access as well.

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