Cannot Access IDN Sandbox with any IDN Admin

Hello Dears,

Suddenly no one from the IDN admins can access the sandbox with error authentication failed or unauthorized location, is there any way to create new user with IDN Admin privilege through postman APIs ?

Fastest way to get it resolved would be to open a support ticket with Sailpoint and have them invite you to register to tenant again.

Meanwhile, did you try the reset password options?

Did you import a new file for Identity Now Admins source or make any changes to the Identity Profile associated with that source?

Hello Sharvari,

yes i tried to reset the password but iam getting We’re “not able to verify your identity”

is there a way to create new admin user through the API ?

No, we cannot.

You will have to work with Sailpoint support to regain access to your tenant.

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I opened a ticket with the case, thank you.

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