Requests Missing a Reviewer: Access Profiles

What problem are you observing?

If I request an access profile for a user without a manager, and the first reviewer of the access profile should be the manager, the access request ends abruptly in an error.

An unexpected error occurred: Requested AppRole Id not found for Access Profile: xxx

What is the correct behavior?

From Managing Requests for Roles and Access Profiles - SailPoint Identity Services

If one of the reviewers in an access item’s review process is missing, IdentityNow automatically reassigns that item’s review responsibility to another user.

In most cases, that responsibility is assigned to one of your IdentityNow administrators. However, if the review process requires manager approval and the access recipient doesn’t have one listed, reassignment depends on the type of access requested:

  • If the requested item is an access profile, the review is reassigned to both the app owner and the source owner. If the source or app owner isn’t found, the review responsibility is reassigned to an IdentityNow administrator.

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What are the steps to reproduce the issue?