Remediation Reports in the v3/beta APIs

Is there a plan to replace the functionality to grab the content of Certification Campaign Remediation reports? I opened a ticket to support in 2022 and they provided me an undocumented way to grab that data through the cc API. Does anyone know if there is an equivalent to the below in the v3 or beta APIs since the cc is being decomissioned? The script I created to grab this data is a HUGE time saver.

  1. Using your preferred API client, run the following:
    GET https://{org-name}{id}
  2. You will see a response similar to the one below. The taskResult ID is actually the ReportID. You need this for step 2.
    [ { "created": 1583526951293, "currentDate": 1614030204839, "name": "Campaign Status Report", "status": "Success", "taskResultId": "2c91808gd7..." }, { "created": 1583526951646, "currentDate": 1614030204841, "name": "Certification Signoff Report", "status": "Success", "taskResultId": "2c91808s4709..." }, { "created": 1583526952006, "currentDate": 1614030204844, "name": "Campaign Composition Report", "status": "Success", "taskResultId": "2c9180847d09..." }
  3. Using the taskResultId from the response you received in step 1 as the ReportId, run the following:
    GET https://{org-name}{ReportId}?format=pdf
    In the header give name as the report name.
    key: name value: "Campaign Status Report"
    Alternatively, you can give in the URL like this:
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Welcome to the Developer Community Matt.

To download a campaign report using the public APIs, please see this post.

Thanks you so much for this information! I’ll get our script updated and test these new endpoints!

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EDIT: Nevermind the below - I’ll open a new thread rather than resurrecting an old one.

This process does not seem to work for getting the .pdf versions of the reports. Is there a documented process to download those via API?

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Yeah - I’m not sure. I’ve never tried PDF since the process we have internall is PowerShell script that parse the csv return and produces output that we use to track.

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