Api to download reports

I am looking to take scheduled backup of certification reports from identitynow in case someone deletes cert by mistake after they are completed. I am not able to find api in documentation and what is being used by UI is not something I can follow fully through network tabs.
Has anyone figured this out?

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Hey Chirag. There is not an API available to download campaign reports. This is a feature we are tracking internally, but I don’t have an ETA on when this will be made available. The ticket # for reference is ISCCOMPLI-199.

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I did find this topic where someone came up with a potential solution to download campaign reports.

It would not be pretty, but there is a sort of workaround you can do for this.

You can export all the certification tasks by using a combination of the list-identity-certifications API endpoint (using filters to show certifications tied to a specific campaign Id), then forEach certification, you can use the list-identity-access-review-items endpoint to get the certification tasks themselves, which have information like the reviewer, identity being reviewed, access being reviewed, and the decision.

There is also an idea on the ideas board (GOV-I-2012) that is requesting this functionality. I’m not sure if it’s linked to the internal ticket that @colin_mckibben mentioned or not

ETA: The link that Colin mentioned above seems better… I might try that myself

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