GET /api/report/get/{reportId}

This endpoint has been replaced by

Download a campaign report

  1. Use to find a completed campaign.
  2. Use to get the ID of one of the reports generated for the campaign.
  3. Use to check the status of the report. It must be complete before you can download it.
  4. Download the CSV report using the taskResultId from step 3 in this endpoint. using a request like this: curl --location ''

I’m getting an error while running the above API to fetch Campaign Status Report, the error says → api_get': undefined local variable or method reportId’ for main:Object (NameError)
if (stringUrl.index(“/v3/reports/#{reportId}?format=csv”))

Any help is appreciable. Thanks

Are you setting the reportId variable?
If in doubt, print out / log your stringUrl so you can verify

I’m trying to download the campaign reports in pdf format and this method above doesn’t work. The report is not the result of a task - so there’s no task ID to plug into the get-report-result or get-report endpoint. When I tried plugging in the campaign or the individual report IDs, I get the response “error”:“no message available”.

I can download the PDF from the front-end and have tried to use developer console to figure out what is being called there, but it opens in a pop-up window and the endpoint isn’t available in any way I can see.

I am able to download a campaign report as a PDF.

Are you sure you followed the steps exactly as described above?