Quicklink Updates on Re-Login


We can see quicklink bean scope is defined as “request” scope in faces-config, but any changes to quicklinks are affected once we re-login to IIQ, behaving like session scope.

Isn’t the change suppose to reflect after the page refresh.

Please correct if my understanding of the scope isn’t correct.

Hi @ashishbhatia ,

The quicklinks, menu contents and access rights are “calculated” on login and stored in the session variables. So, just refreshing the page is not enough.

I figured this out, while developing the Impersonate Plugin. I had to clear the session variables, when the user would be impersonated, and when reverting back to the original user.

Based on that, I have created a simpler plugin to just refresh the menu. That one is not on Compass, yet… but let me see what can be done.

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Just to let you know, we’re working on getting the plugin published, but it may take a little time for an official quality review before it can be provided.

That’s fine @menno.pieters , I was just trying to understand how it is working.