Full Page Plugin with OOB chooseIdentities.xhtml

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Version 8.X

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Good morning all. I have a full-page plugin and have created an internal redirect QuickLink (updated the faces-config.xml to go to my plugin’s URL) and I want to take advantage of the allowOther QuickLinkOption.

When I click the quicklink, I am taken to the chooseIdentities.xhtml, I’m able to see the identities and select who I need to, but once I’m forwarded to my full-page, that information appears to be unavailable in my page (I’m unable to find a front-end variables, via the debugger). What do I need to do to successfully pipe the selection from the chooseIdentities table to my full-page plugin? Can anyone help me fill in the missing gaps here?

I’d recommend investigating the normal OOTB values that are passed into something like the Edit Identity quicklink. If you go to the Lifecycle Manager screen (from the gear menu) there is a tab labelled Business Processes. That lists the workflows invoked for various LCM processes. Edit Identity is there and OOTB it invokes LCM Create and Update.

In that workflow, you’ll see one of the first variables is identityName with the description “The name of the identity we’re supposed to update”. So that would be the first one I would try working with.

If that doesn’t work you can have your workflow replicate what is listed here: https://community.sailpoint.com/t5/Technical-White-Papers/BSDG-3-Listing-Objects-in-Namespace-at-Runtime/ta-p/73108 and hopefully that will allow you to see what variables are available in your namespace.

Hope that helps.

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