Query on restriction of unlicensed identities in SailPoint IdentityNow

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For our tenant, we are nearing the maximum identitiies allowed . So Could you please explain on the impact/restrictions for the unlicensed identities and what all features they can’t use in SailPoint IdentityNow?

Also, mainly please confirm whether provisioning activities like user account provisioning in target system (Active Directory), password management, RBAC process will be impacted for unlicensed users?


Ananthi V

hey @ananthiv , any “active” identity is considered a licensed user which consumes the “Max Allowed Identities” limit.

Now, SailPoint has some metrics on how to calculate active/licensed identity which is defined in below compass article:

Best Practices: IdentityNow License Administration

I would though recommend you to also check with your CSM or SailPoint support on how it’s being currently applied for your tenant.


They also have this defined in contract notes. You might want to check with CSM/sales person for this.

Around effect of provisioning impact or any restrictions, there would not be any implications on working of identitynow as overall system. There are no hard limits implemented.

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