"IdentityNow IO"

In the article:


It mentions IdentityNow IO:

SailPoint Technology Services has developed a tool called IdentityNow IO which helps automate the import, export, and documentation of tenant configurations without having to know REST APIs. While this tool is still in beta, it can be leveraged and used today. For more details on this too, please reach out to SailPoint Professional Services.

Is there any update on this?


Hey @chrisp,

I have reached out to the Professional services team on your behalf as well as the product manager for IdentityNow. I will post an update as soon as I have some feedback to share for you.

Thanks Michael, I appreciate the followup.

The tool is available for beta and we provide it based on specific requests. It’s not being made open but it can be requested through official channels.

Hi @chrisp - I am the author of the IdentityNow IO tool. Nice to meet you!

This tool is still in beta with an updated release due later this year (switching from Ruby to Java). If you are interested in using the IdentityNow IO tool in its current form, feel free to drop me a DM and I can send you the details. Happy to have your feedback!

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Hi @neil.mcglennon Please let me now if you received note about the details. I’d love to provide some feedback on the tool.


I see that @neil.mcglennon has replied to you via email with the information that you were requesting. I hope this helps and I hope you have fun trying out the IdentityNow IO tool.


@jordan.violet Yes, @neil.mcglennon reached out to me, and I have the details. Looks like it will be super helpful.


Hi @neil_mcglennon. I’m very interested in using the IdentityNow IO tool. Could you please help me with that?

@neil_mcglennon What’s the status on the IdentityNow IO tool? Has the updated version been released? Is it still able to be used in beta?

@neil_mcglennon, any updates on the java based version ?