Provisioning Policy create form empty value

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Version 8.3

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Hello everyone,
So when I am trying to provide a value via script for a certain field in provisioning policy for webservice connector i want to either pass “ADMIN” or “” into provisioning so it will enter the json body as “name”: “Attribute”, “value” : “”, but instead i am getting only “name”:“Attribute” and it’s ignoring the value “” in request. Is there a way to allow empty strings there?
Thank you in Advance.
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Hi @blazejbadzio,

What are the fields you are having?
Can you help with the snippet that you have written and how you want it to translate it to your expected outcome?


Hello @ashutosh08,

I don’t want to share to much detail but field in form is getting something like
field name : license
if( value.equals(“Admin”) )
return “Admin”
else return “”;

and then request body takes values from provisioning plan like so:

It works for other fields that are populated but deletes “value”:“” if the string is empty and api rejects the request.

Sailpoint ISC or IIQ cannot send empty or void values to the connector provisioning.

This is not a feature. Unfortunately


Hi @blazejbadzio,

As pointed out by @ipobeidi you cannot pass empty attribute in plan.

Is it an ask from target API to pass the attribute even if it is empty?


Hi @blazejbadzio, instead of passing null/empty value. Use the customization rule to set the value if it matches your criteria.

I want to Correct myself and complement my answer “Provisioning Policies can’t send Empty values”

But Attribute sync can.

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