Password change is not working in the SB environment

I created a test service account, and when we changed its password through the Homologation AD, it was not replicated to the IDN, and there was not even an event of password interception. We also changed the password via the reset link directly in IdentityNow, and no passwords are being accepted.

Have you ever had this type of case?

Hi @kaiolima,

Password Interception intercept passwords from the AD Domain Controller(s) and passes it to ISC to enable Password Sync with other configured systems like OUD/Directory System.

I would like to ask a few questions:

  • Have you configured Password Sync groups correctly?
  • With the password policy - is the Active Directory password policy matching or less strict as compared to IdentityNow/ISC?
  • Have you checked the logs for the Active Directory server and the SailPoint Virtual Appliance (/home/sailpoint/log/ccg.log)?
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Just to add another point to @ksbagade’s response, ISC Password Policy can’t have password history requirements that you might have in AD system, that may also cause issues with setting password from ISC to AD



It ended up working, thank you all, apparently it was a problem that we are facing in the US-east-1 region


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