Not able to reset password using AD Passthrough

Hi Team,

I have configured AD Passthrough authentication for users created from Authorative source. The authentication is working as expected.

Now I want that the password should reset from IdentityNow. When I login via the user and try to reset the password I am getting the following error on the UI.

Error(s) reported back from the IQService - Error while setting password for account CN=Josh West,OU=XXXX,DC=XXXX,DC=XXXX with password enforced: Caught exception in bind for server : : The supplied credential is invalid.,Service Account is configured in invalid format for Domain [ dc=XXXX,dc=XXXX]. Ensure, Service Account is configured in msDS-PrincipalName or userPrincipalName format.

I have tried both the options suggested in the above error but cant resolve the issue.

Has anyone encountered such issue. Could you please help me fix the same in my environment?


The issue is resolved now

What was the solution Rakesh?

The issue was related to the Password Policy at Active Directory side and also the name of the Administrator was not in msDS-PrincipalName format. After making the changes it started working.