Password reset not working

Hello everyone.
I have a problem with the password reset.
I have passthrough configured with Active Directory. The login works correctly, but when I want to do a password reset I receive the message:

We couldn’t process your request.
Contact your administrator.

And the URL shows:

What’s going on? It is important to mention that identitynow does not detect the application from the password manager either. The problem is specifically with Active Directory. It works with other sources. Do I need to configure something from the Active Directory?

Thank you

Hey @gsierra ! welcome to the Dev. Comunitty.

First things first, is the user configured on Iqservice/Source have the correct access to change the password?
Is only with specific user? is the access limited by the OU?
On the Iqservice side, enable the debug with IQservice.exe -l 3 and try to reset the password again.

If you need any help , pls let me know!

Hello @ipobeidi
The problem is that the option to enter a new password in the interface does not even appear to send the request to IQService. After entering the code that Sailpoint sends to the email for the reset, a message appears saying that it could not be processed.
It should be noted that the step to set a new password appears when I configure another source as passthrough in the profile.

Can you help me please? @colin_mckibben

hey @gsierra sorry for my late response!

Is the application setup for passwordChange on the request center?

@gsierra were you able to resolve it?

Yes! It’s a bug apparently.
This post helped me solve it:

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