Open LDAP Aggregation never ending

Hi everyone,

We configure a new Open LDAP application but when we try to aggregate groups or accounts the process never ends. We detected when the OU has less than 500 objects the aggregation is done correctly but when exceeds 500 objects is like always is receiving same 500 items and never ends.

We tried to set different pagination parameters, different filters and even we tried to set a different connector type but nothing works.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Do you have any suggestion?

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It’s possible that the LDAP server is imposing a limit on the number of objects that can be retrieved at one time. See OpenLDAP Software 2.4 Administrator's Guide: Limits

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Try adding this entry in your Application XML attributes:

<entry key="useHasMoreElements" value="true"/>

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Hi @miguelgomez3 ,

Did either of these two solutions solve your problem?

Thank you so much four your solutions. We finally got it to work by applying a combination of both solutions.