One of the Active Directory Provisioning is getting failed

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.1

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One of the Active Directory Provisioning is getting failed. User gets created in the target AD but the response is being failed. Even we are unable to do the targeted aggregation and getting the connector/SSL exception. Attached with the screenshot.

Hey there!
Actually there is a error in one of the rules you’re using in the connector.
Have you tried to look in one of those?

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Hey we suddenly began running into the same issue! Not sure if there was an update somewhere that could have broken things but it popped up pretty suddenly around Friday. Confirmed no changes on our end either.

Looks for me like a network/firewall change, did you try if you can telnet to all DCs on ldap port from ALL IIQ hosts?

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I would suggest also writing a sample script “away from SailPoint IIQ” but in one of the Servers to connect to the AD and do a simulation for your broken provisioning operation, and see if you could do that or not.
SailPoint doing the provisioning via CMDlet anyway, so you can use the same or do it with JNDI, I think that will give you a better idea if it SSL issue, a Network Issue, something broken, a rule issue, or even coming from SailPoint as application.

Note: this only a suggestion and maybe anyone here having a better idea/solution