Failed provisioning of identity in Active Directory

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.3

Share all details related to your problem, including any error messages you may have received.

I’m attempting to do provisioning with Active Directory. Whenever a new identity is aggregated in SailPoint IIQ, it is provisioned in AD using the Entitlement that I have already created in SailPoint roles.

After aggregating identities in SailPoint, I run the “Identity Refresh Cube” task, which generates a provisioning form. Provisioning form tabs such as FirstName, LastName, Password, and so on are filled out using “Script”, and when the form is accepted, an error occurs.

ERROR http-nio-8080-exec-3 sailpoint. ADLDAPConnector:5444 - 388357529. The provisioning operation cannot be completed. There are no IQService details.

Hi @rohitmisal45 ,

Is the IQService up and running? Seems like an issue with connectivity of IQService

Hi @rohitmisal45

Welcome and thanks to share your question.

To check this issue more in deep,please, provide logs of the event, the plan generated, and the details in provisioning transaction section.

Hi @BalajiChandrasekaran
The IQService is up & running and also there is no connectivity issue.

Hi @ismaelmoreno1
When I’m going through the logs, I can see the following error

sailpoint.connector.ADLDAPConnector:5444 - 1039067077 Cannot proceed with the Provisioning Operation. IQService details are not present.

hI @rohitmisal45

Could you set log trace in your file, and provide log information?


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