Integrating Active Directory Provisioning Within SailPoint

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My organization is beginning discussions of provisioning access to Active Directory security groups from SailPoint. I was hoping to hear from others who have implemented similar projects about the roadblocks you ran into, the overall benefit of the implementation (such as time saved, etc.), and more. My goal is to use this knowledge to build a solid business case to present to our senior leadership. Thanks in advance!

Hi Justin - Active Directory is probably one of the most common integrations with SailPoint systems. The connectors are very well documented and support a plethora of use cases. Documentation: Integrating SailPoint with Active Directory

Some things to consider:

  • How are you provisioning mail, are you hybrid Exchange, M365, Google?
  • Are you looking to just provision AD groups, or are you trying to take over full lifecycle management?
  • Do you have multiple forests & domains? These use cases are supportable but can make things more tricky.
  • Don’t forget you’ll need IQService infrastructure for the provisioning aspects.
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Hi can any one send me a provisioning code to create a group in Active directory

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