Not able to create New Topic/Open Draft while on some category pages

The New Topic/Open Draft button is greyed out when on certain category pages. I usually bookmark the IDN category but was not able to create a different post from that page.

SailPoint Developer Community Forum - Main page is good

Announcements - SailPoint Developer Community Forum - Announcements, IDN, IIQ:

Feedback - SailPoint Developer Community Forum - Feedback is good

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Hey @ethompson,

Great catch! This is actually by design, so nobody accidentally creates a new topic in the general IDN category, so that they will explicitly create a topic in in either ‘Discussion and Questions’ or ‘Show and Tell’.

I can also enable a flag that will give you a header to explain why, but this is the reason. I’ll see if it’s also possible to put a hover text on the disabled button explaining that as well.

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I’ve updated that flag so you see this message at the top:

@jordan_violet Got it, thanks!

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