Normalize Names Transform Operation

Hey team,

I have the normalizeNames transform built/nested within other transform operations and it works perfectly! I now decided to use it as its own standalone transform to configure within the Identity Profile mappings for first and last name. For all other transforms I have worked with, unless I want to use specific inputs, the transform will use the value of the mapped attribute in the Identity Profile mapping. However, when creating the transform for nomalizeNames, I receive an error saying that “attributes” is required:

I tried setting “attributes” as an empty array or as “null,” but still received that error:

Then, I decided to try setting the “input” value as an empty array as well, just to see what happens. This was accepted, but then all of the values modified by this transform simply displayed “{}”:

I went back in and updated the existing transform and removed the entire “attributes” value, but I still got an error saying that it was required. So I just changed attributes to an empty array again, and this time it was accepted:

With this transform in place, the output of the name works exactly as I want!

I’m curious if I did something wrong, if the documentation for this transform operation needs to be updated, or if something is messed up with the requirements for this transform.

Thanks for your help!

Hello @brennenscott,

This is a bug in our transform validation logic. We currently look to verify that attributes are defined for every transform, though some transforms as you state do not require attributes to be defined. We are aware of this and have it in our backlog to fix.

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Thanks @tyler_mairose! Is my solution a “valid” solution, or should I create two separate transforms with the input value for firstname and lastname defined? I don’t want to break anything :laughing:

@brennenscott If you are looking for the transform to take its input from the UI and transform it using the normalizeName transform, what you did will work as a valid workaround.