Identity Profile mapping - mandatory reference to unused attribute

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In the UI, when you define a mapping on an identity profile (source, attribute, transform) and you want to refer to a transform which does not require implicit input, for example because the transform is a static value or a complex transform that will fetch multiple account attributes itself, it doesn’t matter what you specify as attribute. We actually want to choose no attribute, to make it clear that it is not going to be used anyway, but right now we do need to choose a random attribute, which will suggest that this attribute is being used while calculating the identity attribute.

I think it makes sense to allow us to choose nothing as attribute.

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Thank you for your feedback Angelo. I have created a ticket to track this request (IDNARSENAL-20741). Please be aware that this will be considered a low priority item, but feedback like this is greatly appreciated and helps us improve the product.


I do understand that, thank you very much for creating this ticket @colin_mckibben!

Hey @angelo_mekenkamp,

I noticed within the New UI experience if a value is null IdentityNow returns a double dash like – for null values. Not sure if that is the similar experience with anyone else is seeing.

Tom Bui

That is great, thank you @colin_mckibben!

Thank you for your reaction @tombui, but what you are referring to is regarding the output value of the transform, and what happens if it is null. I am referring to the input attribute of the transform, and the possibility to specifically set this to null if no input attribute is required. Perhaps you want to create a separate post for your query?

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