Microsoft Entra SaaS Connector filterString support

Does anyone know if the filterString connectorattribute is supported in the Microsoft Entra SaaS connector? Also besides being SaaS only, what is the difference between entra and azure and why would i want to use one over the other? I assumed entra would eventually replace the azure connector, does anyone know if this is true?

Thank you

I tried multiple filterstrings including intentionally broken ones. None of them affect the aggregation output, which leads me to believe at this time it is not supported.

Already responded to the most recent post you made but it’s definitely supported.

Hi Rishabh,

Thanks for the reply. just to confirm the other post you replied to is a totally separate connector, the azure connector. This is for the newer entra connector. I am trying to use filterstring against both connectors. On the entra connector if i put a known bad incomplete value for the filterstring, the aggregation still works. if i do that on azure or any other sources that i know support filterstring, i get an error. thats why i think it may not be supported on the entra connector just yet.

Understood. The connector I’ve implemented this on is the VA based Entra ID connector.

Looks like you’re after the SaaS connector which may very well not support this yet given this operation is run locally on the VA after a full aggregation has been completed.

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