Azure Connector FilterString question

I have had no luck trying to use filterstring on an azure connector source. i am referencing the following link

the following filters i tried do not work. has anyone successfully created a working contains filter for azure for user attributes?

`onPremisesDistinguishedName.contains( "Divisions" )"

Hi Eddie,

Looking at the filters you’ve shared, it just be missing escape characters for your filter value:

Edit: just realised you may very well have escape characters in your filters but the post didn’t reflect it… I had to double escape mine just now to make it render correctly above… so ignore that part if you’ve already escaped "

What does the filterString property look like on your source JSON?

Also if this is using the VA connector and you have access to the ccg logs I’d suggest turning on debug for the AAD connector and checking what error is being reported back, it is almost always syntax related as I recently found out when using filterString for grouips.

As per the document in the link you have shared the filterString needs to be inside parenthesis.

    "op": "add",
    "path": "/connectorAttributes/filterString",
    "value": "( type != \"Employee\" )"

So, I suppose your filterString should be


Hi iamology,

I already tried the two below as well, and they did not work either. i forgot to include these in values i’ve tried already, in my original post. I am not getting an error and it does slightly change what i get back from the aggregation, but the output from the aggregation still has user accounts that do not match the filterstring i am using.


Isn’t that what it is supposed to do? I thought filterString filters out the records that match the string

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Iamology, you are a genius sir. I had the filter logic backwards after correcting the format. The filter is now working as expected. Thanks for everyone’s help.

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