Manual sync for SaaS Connectivity connector

I have recently build/deployed SaaS Connectivity connector in our tenant. Everything is working fine, I am able to create/update/aggregate accounts. I am also able to do attribute sync on individual accounts (using Synchronize Attribute option).
Issue is that I am getting error when trying manual sync for SaaS Connectivity connector: “The following error occurred when queueing the attribute sync for this source:”
Note: there is nothing in events logs and there is nothing in connector logs (sail conn logs tail)
Question: does manual aggregation supposed to work for SaaS Connectivity connectors?

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 5.25.45 PM

What is the difference between attribute sync on individual account and manual sync? Are those two different UI options?

I was referring to Sync button on “Account Sync” page in Connector UI in IDN
I just tried again today and it appears to be working now, nothing changed…

To get an answer to this, your best bet is to contact support. They may be able to isolate the cause via your logs.

Thanks, I will work with support if I noticed issue again!

If you do find an answer, please update this post so others can benefit from the solution.

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