Look up Transform Output help

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use a look up to make this conversion a lot easier when they request comes in as the static value in the below. The look up is of course see the value and trying to do what it needs however it not converting the first and last name attributes into the output I need. I sure this is stupid simple and I am sorry for the post as I am learning more and more on nested transforms from this client. Can i even call other identity attributes to complete the email string as i need?

    "id": "",
    "name": "Non-Employee Email Create Transform",
    "type": "lookup",
    "attributes": {
        "table": {
            "ABC": "$(firstinitial).$(lastname)$(uniqueCounter)@ABC.com",
            "DEF": "$(firstinitial).$(lastname)$(uniqueCounter)@DEF.com",
            "GHI": "$(firstinitial).$(lastname)$(uniqueCounter)@GHI.com",
            "default": "No-email"
    "internal": false

@Adel0623 welcome to developer portal.if you have to use any other identity attribute you can use it as you have mentioned in the post also you can define a variable inside sailpoint and use it as a refrence.
Hope it helps .if you have any other concerns let me know

Hi @Adel0623

I don’t think you can use identity attributes like this. You can get attributes from identity object.

for example, $identity.getAttribute(‘firstinitial’)

You will have identity object reference when transform gets executed, for that object you can get the attributes you need, check this document for more information

And, you cannot use counter. It is available to use at Account level not Identity level. Which means you need to use this transform at Provisioning form to calculate unique email. Check this document for more information.