Login Page Message - Plugin

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Version 8.3

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i wrote a plugin to display some message in Login page…(loginInclude.xhtml)

but i cant make it work as in my js not recognize PluginHelper.getCsrfToken()

as it is allowed to use plugins only after login…

i need to display it witout a login…

is there a way?


I don’t think that would be possible via plugin . I think you need to either modify the login page xhtml or if you want to overwite the existing message you can leverage custom message .

Hi Vishal,
i need to display failed login attempts…
so i kind of need an API…it is not static message…
how can i achieve that?
can i call an api\plugin and authenticate with the strong user ?

not using SSO solution ? I think may be custom page could help .

no… we are using authentication via application - AD.

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