Localization of plugin

i have introduced message folder and added Demoplugin_en.prpoerties into the folder.
I tried to retrieve the message value in my XHTML page as
#{msgs.ViewGroupPlugin_headerMessage} when i uploaded this plugin i am not getting value of message defined in the file.
have introduced sailpoint.i18n in my JS module as well.

My question is do we have to pass any kind of reference in any other file?

Hi @kumark41 ,

It is important that the technical name of the plugin and the name of the messages files match, and please make sure that the messages folder is included in the root of the zip file, when it is built.

To test the localization, I have created a simple plugin using the IIQDA. The IIQDA generates an Ant script to build the plugin, but it did not include the messages folder.

I had to add a messages folder under the web folder and update the build.xml to include that. After that, I was able to display a message in English or Dutch on the plugin pages (<<IIQ_BASE_URL>>/plugins/pluginPage.jsf?pn=localizationtestplugin, e.g. http://localhost:8080/identityiq/plugins/pluginPage.jsf?pn=localizationtestplugin).

  <target name="package" depends="compile,generateDTD" description="Output zip file overlay to build/dist dir">
    <mkdir dir="${overlay}/jars" />
    <buildnumber file="build.num"/>
    <jar destfile="${overlay}/jars/${pluginname}.jar">
      <fileset dir="build/classes">
        <include name="**/**" />
      <!-- this will add resources that were in the src area for getResourceAsStream calls -->
      <fileset dir="src">
        <exclude name="**/*.java" />
    <copy todir="${overlay}">
      <fileset dir="web">
        <include name="manifest.xml"/>
        <include name="ui/**"/>
<!-- START ADDITION: Include messages from the web folder -->
        <include name="messages/**"/>
      <fileset dir=".">
        <include name="import/**"/>
        <include name="db/**"/>

    <xmltask source="${overlay}/manifest.xml" dest="${overlay}/manifest.xml" outputter="default" preservetype="true">
        <dtd publicId="sailpoint.dtd" location="${dtd}" />
      <replace path="//Plugin/@version" withText="${version}.${build.number}" />
    <zip basedir="${overlay}" destfile="build/dist/${pluginname}.${version}.${build.number}.zip" />

This example plugin is here: LocalizationTestPlugin

Hey pieters, I am directly adding a folder named “messages” in root folder by just unzipping the folder and upload that again by zipping them.
I am sharing the screenshot for error when i am trying to do the same in eclipse.

if you can help me in resolving this.

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Adding my ZIP folder structure screenshot here

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This just tells you that the file sailpoint.dtd is not available for validation of the XML format. Not an error, but the file is very useful to ensure you don’t make any errors in the XML.

For making this a repeatable process, make sure to build the plugin with the message and ensure that the build.xml contains instructions to include the messages folder.

Also ensure that the names of the properties files start with the exact (case sensitive!!!) technical name of the plugin (<Plugin ... name="ViewGroupPlugin" ...>)

With that, you should be able to use the #{msgs.MESSAGE_KEY} format to display localized messages in XHTML pages.