List auth-user capabilities

On the auth-user patch endpoint page, theres mention of using below endpoint to list the capabilities available, is this endpoint live yet? if i go to it, i get “unable to route request” error. the “ams” suggests to me its behind styxx or something

A list of valid capabilities can be found using the GET ams/v3/authorization/authorization-capabilities/ endpoint.

update on this one, it seems to work via postman if i use a session token (grab access token for ui/session page) but i get the routing error if i use a PAT locally
any thoughts on this?

Hi @sailor_man38,

Any route that doesn’t use /cc , /beta , or /v3 are internal only routes. You won’t be able to call them yourself.

So those are expected to work only with the browser-based logins and not with the PAT tokens which are intended for Public REST Endpoints.

Reference for a similar question here

Hope this answers your question.

Works for me with a PAT in Postman. What error are you getting specifically?

I see where the confusion is now. The description for PATCH auth user mentions using an ams endpoint, but there exists a public v3 endpoint for getting the same information. The correct endpoint to use is GET auth user details. I have opened a documentation ticket (DEVREL-1305) to fix that description.

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The documentation for PATCH auth user now explicitly states the available capabilities in the schema description. There is a ticket (PLTIN-6296) that will track the progress of a dedicated endpoint to list these capabilities in the future. In the meantime, please refer to the API spec for the available capabilities.