Limit of roles in IDN

Hi All,

I have a question what is the max limit of creating an Roles in IDN?
Is there a limit for role creation only certain number roles can be created on IDN or what?

Thanks in Advance.

Shantha Kumar

“There is a soft limit of 800 roles per org in IdentityNow. You will receive an error if you attempt to add more than 800 roles via the API or the UI. If you need to add roles above this limit, please create a support ticket.”

Is there also a limit for access profiles?


Can you please let us know if there is any limit to the number of access profiles that can be created within organization

Would be best to get an answer from SailPoint, but the information I had previously found:

Access Profiles“ there is a limit on the total number of access profiles…3,000 by default… a client can raise the total number of access profiles they have up to 20,000"

Thanks for the info @Kurt_Ramsey